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Yep. I have a new LJ

Well, I got married, decided to get serious with my art -aka- I needed to focus on my original style and let go of the fan art even though I loved it so much. In case anyone would like to keep up with my art, here's my new LJ I just created tonight. I don't think I'll ever delete this LJ however. I can see myself dropping by to draw some Potter fan art someday, when I have more free time. So please don't go! :)
tom riddle portrait

Back from a looong hiatus.

Yes, I am guilty of abandoning this livejournal. I suppose I quit knowing what to blog about. Maybe that I needed this long pause to reconnect with Harry Potter (or Tom Riddle ;). The last movie had been a great disappointment to me. I hated it. Absolutely hated it! The worst that had ever been. And then there was this one.


I loved how they took the time to delve into the trio's relationship. Voldemort was terrifying, Nagini was a character worthy of her name. I cannot wait for Part 2 to come out. My oh my...I want to see it again, just to absorb every single detail of it.

Some scenes were frankly just as I pictured them. The pond one especially. Ok, and for a first, I have never EVER felt so many emotions within the first minutes of a movie! Don't want to spoil it but I was almost tearing up and wondering how come I was feeling this way so soon. Goosebumps a-go-go. Awesome movie. I will own it and can't even begin to imagine just how great Part 2 is going to be.

5 stars, 2 thumbs up, what have you. THRILLED!

edit: omg it's been a year, almost to the day since I last posted.
tom riddle portrait

Brad and Angelina are Slytherin!

As seen through their newly designed jewelry collection... tsssss!

Ok, I've made so many promises of a come back but life's complicated! I've tried to be doing art but I just can't get inspired *double sigh*. I just don't have the patience, or I'm convincing myself it's just not worth it...I don't know. I want to draw but I can't. :/ I took up violin instead. I bought a nice violin from Romania and I LOVE it. It has such a lovely sound...

I also realized my general skills went down after months of virtually doing nothing. I need to study my anatomy again..yeah *cries*
tom riddle portrait

Thanks for the congrats! And a review of HBP

I can't believe I stayed away from this blog for so long! Things are stabilizing here and I hope to get back to doing art online within a couple of months. Funny how life is, huh? A year ago if you had told me I would be living in Hawaii today and married I would have said "get out of here!" LOL

But, to come back to Harry Potter...

Spoilers ahead.

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tom riddle portrait

Big changes!

Long story short, I got married and moved to Hawai'i! My computer is getting too old to be worth shipping to here so I am on my husband's laptop right now. Even my Photoshop on it doesn't even work anymore. On the plus side we're planning on getting a brand spanking new iMac 24" and I can't wait!!! For the record I haven't even seen the new Harry Potter yet. I hope to see it soon! Ta da.
tom riddle portrait


If some of you would like to know me better outside of the Potter realm, I have a facebook. If you'd like to add me as a friend over there, email me at: slytherinfiend at gmail dot com and tell me who you are here on LJ. I will give you my full name and you can add me, simple as that :). Even though it's quite easy to find out, I just don't feel good about posting it here :/
I hope to see you there.
tom riddle portrait

I swear, sometimes life sucks!

No, I haven't abandoned this LJ! I hit a dry spell for a bit there, and then I got injured, something quite stupid too. I tripped on the street and hurt my ankle so bad I was basically in bed for 2 weeks (sprained ankle, grade III if some of you have gone through this). *sigh*. Living alone is enjoyable but when injured and unable to take care of the basics without help, it can be quite challenging. A simple shower was suicide mission, along with all the other tasks one has to do on a regular basis that just couldn't be done.
I also missed 2 weeks of work, which killed me financially. Now I'm back working but I am slow, since I can't walk at normal speed still. I hope I'm not going to get a permanent limp out of this one :/...

So, that's for the updates peeps. I tried to draw so much too, but lost interest in every single drawing I started, my mind just wasn't there...and that pen for my tablet I was supposed to get? Lost the auction. Some idiot bought a used pen at the same price as he'd get it new...some people are just morons.

Anyway, I miss drawing on the computer. I promised myself whatever happens I'll get a new pen next month, and it will be fine if I finally figure out why my external drive is taking AGES to load my applications. Oh, and to top it all off, the genius that I am lost my house keys in my own apartment. This really can't go on much longer..grr . yes, that's for the news here. I'm very bored. Say hi to me, I'm in talkative mood! I read all your replies for my last manip and I thank you for the feedback, of course! Seems a bit late to reply to these however. :D
tom riddle portrait

I have not disappeared!

Characters: Snape, Harry (Snape/Harry?)
Rated: PG
Media: mechanical pencil and 2B pencil. Tones in PS

And a detail of Tom.

I feel like I need to apologize for disappearing for a while. RL has taken precedence in more than one way and I found myself trying again and again to draw and never finishing. :/ I guess I'm having trouble getting inspiration these days, but never fear, I think it's coming back!

So how's everybody? I will try hard to submit something for LeakyCon so if you're going there you may see something from me, in pencil I assume + I don't have ink in my printer, heh.

I am FINALLY ordering a new pen for my tablet this week. My God, I think it's been 6 months since I lost it. I thank you for all the comments you left throughout the years on my LJ. Even though I'm HORRIBLE lately at replying, it's always an immense pleasure to hear from you fellow fans. :D I want this pen so bad. I miss coloring art.

I draw differently in pencil. Funny how a different medium changes how I'm seeing things.

See you on the other side.

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tom riddle portrait

I am working on a Munny Tom Riddle!

I got a Munny today! I believe it's 7" tall and it's blank *beams*. Of course, my first Munny has to be Tom! I'm ordering paint for vinyl surfaces. I can't wait to paint it! I have his face already drawn heehee! One of his accessories is a nice pair of googles lol, and a CAPE! I'm so saving those for the second one - QUIDDITCH HARRY!